Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Violets Blooming

I have two more violets blooming for the first time since I have had them. I love it when my violets bloom, but it really special when it's the first time.

This is a pic of Aca's Curious George in bloom.

This is Rosie Ruffles. Such a beautiful bloom!

There's not much else happening on the AV front. The rest of my plants are doing fine.
My Episicas are really growing. I have them in a mini greenhouse. I think that's what they are called, basically it's a plant shelf that has a plastic zippered cover. It really helps with the humidity and my Episicas love it!

I love Streps, but for some reason they seem to be more of a challenge for me than the African Violets or Episicas. I lost most of what I had over the winter, got a few new ones, tired wicking them and some are doing great and others are falling by the roadside. It's so frustrating! Arrruuuugggggghhhhhh!!!

Happy Av'ing!

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