Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dishcloth Delights!

Today I received my dishcloth / scrubby package from my partner at the Texas Two Stitch forum.
I love everything in it! Thanks Sonia!

Nice big dishcloths and several tear off purse patterns (one can never have toom any purses, ya know!) and one cute flower rug that I think I may make for a little girl I know.

I am almost finished with the Rectangular Granny Afghan, I hope to finsih it tonight unless my boyfirend decides he wants it a little larger. Frankly, I'm hoping he's happy with the size, so all I have to do is put an edge on it ande done with it. I'm sick of looking at it! LOL!

I wonder how many other crocheters or knitters get sick of the bigger projects before they are done with them. I know I sure did with this one and I didn't even work on it everyday.

Regarding my plant addiction. LOL! I got three new Episicas today.

Hartford Renick
Chocolate 'n' Cherries
Grey Lady

One is bigger than other two are smaller, but they all look healthy and they will grow.

I also got one African Violet, a wasp named Neverland Dreams.

Happy Crocheting, Knitting and AVing.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Crochetville Spring Secret Pal Reveal Package

I received my Reveal package from my not-so- secret pal on Friday. I say not-so-secret-Pal because we were paired up together as each others secret pal and also ended up paired up together for the Pet Swap on Crochetville as well. So it wasn't hard to figure out! LOL! But it was fun and I recieved a wonderful box of goodies on Friday from Jimmie Lu.
Thank you, Jimmie Lu! I love everything you sent.

My package included a skein of Bernat Camouflage yarn, a skein of Bernat Cott'n silk, an adorable stuffed snowman, pattern books, a box of herbal teas, a crocheted hook holder with 3 hooks, a plastic needle and a pair of scissors in it, a large Hershey bar, a small star soap (too cute!), and a lovely yeloow/blue/green crocheted dishcloth and apackage of large needles.

Happy Crocheting!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Violet Time!

I get plant fever in the Spring. The only thing I want to do is work with my plants. Needless to say I haven't been doing much crocheting or knitting lately. I did finish up the items I needed for April swaps that I am in, but that's about it.
When my AV club its show at the beginning of March I didn't have a violet (or anything else for that matter) with even one bloom on it. Let's not even mention blooms for show. Now a month and a half later my violets are starting to bloom.

This is Buckeye Calico. You can't really tell from the picture, but it has BIG blooms.

Next is Raspberry Crisp and she is just starting to bloom. I couldn't resist taking her picture
and putting it on here.

Let's see who else? Oh yeah Optimara Dali.

And last but not least, Tommie Lou

I have only had Tommie Lou a short time. I bought the plant at the end of March when my AV club had sales booth at the local botanic gardens Spring Sale. Of course I bought quite a few plants that day. Some violets, a couple of Streps, a Kohleria, 3 begonias, and several Episcias. Oh How I love Episcias! Unfortunately I lost most of the ones I had over the winter.

I did a leaf swap and recieved some Nemathanthus. I am thrilled to get these cuttings.
I got Nematanthus Christmas Holly, Santa Teresa, Black Gold and Freckles. I can't wait for these guys to take off, grow and bloom!

I have some other leaf swaps planned, if memory serves me correctly those are all for AV leaves. Hey, one can never have too many plants, books, or too much yarn or too much chocolate. Now my BF doesn't agree with me on that, but hey I could have worse vices than plants and yarn, Actually, I think he tolerates my yarn stash much better than my plants. LOL!

Happy AVing!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Violet Leaves!

I received my leaf order from Cedar Creek Violets today. I spent part of the afternoon putting down the leaves. My order was all Wrangler leaves.

They are:

Wrangler's Jealous heart
Wrangler's Dixie Dawn
Wrangler's Hey Day
Wrangler's Jackpot
Wrangler's Winter Hawk
Wrangler's Gaudy Lady
Wrangler's Branding Time
Wrangler's Honkytonk Blues
Wrangelr's Ghost Rider's
Wrangler's Red River
Wrangler's Gambling Fever
Wrangler's Candyland
and a gift leaf of
Alamo Sunshine

I have been spending alot of time lately working on my violets, Episicas and Streps. Most of them needed re-potting and of course I am not finished yet.
I got all of the Episicas re-potted, still have the Violets and some of the Streps to do and my Chiritas. My poor chiritas need re-potting so badly. I think I will do them next.

So many lovely plants, so little time! LOL!

Happy AVing!