Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dishcloth Delights!

Today I received my dishcloth / scrubby package from my partner at the Texas Two Stitch forum.
I love everything in it! Thanks Sonia!

Nice big dishcloths and several tear off purse patterns (one can never have toom any purses, ya know!) and one cute flower rug that I think I may make for a little girl I know.

I am almost finished with the Rectangular Granny Afghan, I hope to finsih it tonight unless my boyfirend decides he wants it a little larger. Frankly, I'm hoping he's happy with the size, so all I have to do is put an edge on it ande done with it. I'm sick of looking at it! LOL!

I wonder how many other crocheters or knitters get sick of the bigger projects before they are done with them. I know I sure did with this one and I didn't even work on it everyday.

Regarding my plant addiction. LOL! I got three new Episicas today.

Hartford Renick
Chocolate 'n' Cherries
Grey Lady

One is bigger than other two are smaller, but they all look healthy and they will grow.

I also got one African Violet, a wasp named Neverland Dreams.

Happy Crocheting, Knitting and AVing.

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