Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Violet Leaves!

I received my leaf order from Cedar Creek Violets today. I spent part of the afternoon putting down the leaves. My order was all Wrangler leaves.

They are:

Wrangler's Jealous heart
Wrangler's Dixie Dawn
Wrangler's Hey Day
Wrangler's Jackpot
Wrangler's Winter Hawk
Wrangler's Gaudy Lady
Wrangler's Branding Time
Wrangler's Honkytonk Blues
Wrangelr's Ghost Rider's
Wrangler's Red River
Wrangler's Gambling Fever
Wrangler's Candyland
and a gift leaf of
Alamo Sunshine

I have been spending alot of time lately working on my violets, Episicas and Streps. Most of them needed re-potting and of course I am not finished yet.
I got all of the Episicas re-potted, still have the Violets and some of the Streps to do and my Chiritas. My poor chiritas need re-potting so badly. I think I will do them next.

So many lovely plants, so little time! LOL!

Happy AVing!

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