Monday, August 20, 2007

So Much For Good Intentions

The Mandy's Candy Bag is still on the needles. My main project this past weekend seemed to be sleeping, I felt as if I had taken a giant sleeping pill (which I didn't do), then of course after all that I did nothing but toss and turn last night. Go figure. LOL!

I did work some on the Goddess Shawl and am finally into the image part of it. It's a higher priority than anything else right now, so unless I just can't stand to look at it a second longer I will keep on with the Goddess Shawl in an effort to get it finished in time. Well, I can dream, can't I?

Happy Crocheting,

Friday, August 17, 2007

Goddess Shawl & Mandy's Candy Bag

I had to take the shawl apart again! It was still too small. I mean the thing would be the perfect size for my 9 year old granddaughter, unfortunately I am making it for an adult lady! So now I believe that I am finally on the right track with it. I had hoped to be finishing it up this weekend, but I think it will take longer to complete now. After all the size issues I am really ready to be done with it. LOL!

I am just about finished with Mandy's Candy Bag, but have laid it aside to work on the previously mentioned shawl. I do plan on completing the Candy Bag this weekend, I will post a pic of it when I get it done.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mandy's Candy Bag

I am attempting to knit Mandy's Candy Bag. LOL! Wish me luck! You can get the pattern here. I will post a pic when I get it finished.
There is a contest on NH Knitting Mama blog ( the bag's desinger). Knit the bag, post it on your blog with a link back to the NH Knitting Mama blog and let her know that you have done this and you will get 5 chances to win.

Or if you don't want to knit the bag (but it's so cute so why wouldn't you want to knit it?) Make a mention on your blog with a link back to Mandy's blog and get one chance to win.

Happy Candy Bag Knitting!

Started Goddess Shawl

I finally started the Goddess Shawl. I am doing it in Royal blue. So far so good.
Although I had to alter the pattern somewhat, it was coming out too small so I made some adjustments to make it bigger. It seems to be coming along quite well now. At the rate I am going with it I anticipate having it finished by the end of week (if not before).

I must remember to take a picture of it before I give it away. (It is destined to be a gift for someone.)

I think that my next project will be the Reader's Wrap. I want to get that one finished, although it is to be a Holiday gift I really want to get it completed early.
Then after than I think I will give the Pentacle Shawl another try. My first experience with it was not a good one. LOL! But I think I am finally (with the help of the Goddess Shawl) figuring out the filet crochet pattern.

Happy Knitting, Crocheting and AVing,