Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Swap Goodies from Swap Swap Gals

I received my swap goodies from Christina at Swap Swap Gals. She sent a load of really nice items. Thank you, Christina.

Let's see we have two dishcloths, a scrubber pad, cooking untensils, 2 towele, 2 dress decorations, a package of cookie mix andsome crocheted strawberries. (the strawberries are too cute!)
Thanks again, Christina. I love it all.
Happy Crocheting,

Friday, January 11, 2008

My Log Cabin post #1

I have started my Log cabin Afghan and have decided to chart my progress here.

So here is the first 3 logs.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Log Cabin Afghan

Over at My Knitting Circle we are having a year long Kal for a Log Cabin Afghan. I started mine on Saturday night and got the center block finished up last night. I am now ready to add the next color.
I haven't taken any pictures yet, but will soon as I want to chart the progress of this project.

On the Crochet front I am still working on a baby blanket for charity and 12" squares fro a exchange.

My plan is to settle down to crochet and finish the last square tonight while watching Medium. However I have my two grandsons tonight so my plans may be somewhat altered.

I hope to remember to take pics of the squares before I sent them out. I almost always forget. LOL!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wish List: Swap Swap Gals

I am trying to join Swap Swap Gals and I am supposed to post these questions to my blog so here goes.

Wish List: Swap Swap Gals

Hobbies? crochet, knitting, reading,
Crafts? crochet, knitting, candle and soap making
Favorite Colors? purple, burgundy, blue, green, yellow
Favorite Animal? dogs and cats
All Dislikes? traffic jams, nuts, hard to understand patterns
Favorite Candies? M & M's Plain
Favorite Smell Goods? lavender, rosemary, cinnamon
Other things you may like or may not like? Like candles, tex-mex food, love the old Dark Shadows gothic soap opera, love to read mysteries and suspense thrillers.

2008! What to crochet? What to knit?

Well, we finally made it to 2008! Yipee! Good riddance to 2007!

So now what I am going to crochet in 2008? Well, I am already working on a baby blanket that will go to charity, a shawl and a round ripple afghan that I seem to have hidden from myself. LOL! oh well, it will turn up eventually. Aside from that I really want to make some of those plastic bag keepers, an afghan for myself and a shawl for myself. Somehow I never seem to end up making anything for myself. Hmmmm. what's wrong with this picture?

On the knitting side of life I really want to work on my knitting skills this year and finally get that Reader's Wrap done. I had to frog it again all the way. So that means starting over AGAIN! BUt now the pressure is off since I am not in a hurry trying to make it as a holiday gift so perhaps I can work on it bit by bit over the year.
I also really want to do a Log Cabin Afghan.
Other than that whatever else that comes along that strikes my fancy, I suppose.