Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008! What to crochet? What to knit?

Well, we finally made it to 2008! Yipee! Good riddance to 2007!

So now what I am going to crochet in 2008? Well, I am already working on a baby blanket that will go to charity, a shawl and a round ripple afghan that I seem to have hidden from myself. LOL! oh well, it will turn up eventually. Aside from that I really want to make some of those plastic bag keepers, an afghan for myself and a shawl for myself. Somehow I never seem to end up making anything for myself. Hmmmm. what's wrong with this picture?

On the knitting side of life I really want to work on my knitting skills this year and finally get that Reader's Wrap done. I had to frog it again all the way. So that means starting over AGAIN! BUt now the pressure is off since I am not in a hurry trying to make it as a holiday gift so perhaps I can work on it bit by bit over the year.
I also really want to do a Log Cabin Afghan.
Other than that whatever else that comes along that strikes my fancy, I suppose.

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