Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cheyenne's Poncho

I finally finished the poncho for my granddaughter, Cheyenne. I think she will like it.

It would look better on on a person so it would fall correctly. But I don't have a live model available. LOL!
I have been working on swap items, some Halloween things, Christmas Squares, etc. . .
I am terrible about remembering to take pictures and I am working to do better with that. I relaly like being able to see what I made, what yarn I used, who it went to, etc. . . This is the perfect place to log all that info along with a pic.
Well, I'm off to take the dogs out, water my plants, and then do some crochet today.


Lesalicious said...

Love it great job. Know your granddaughter will love it.:)

Sabrina said...

Thanks, Lesa!