Thursday, November 30, 2006

Winter In Texas

This morning we have sleet falling and creating a slick icy covering on my porch and most likely the cement patio as well. I haven't ventured out and don't intend to . I am staying inside where it's warm and crocheting! Now where's that hot chocolate?

I am more than a little irritated this morning. I placed an order with a well known company for some yarn and other items a week ago. I expected delivery of this order today or tomorrow, at the latest by next Monday. I need this yarn for a Yule gift that I am making. Well, I checked on my order status this morning and it's still classed as "being processed"! A week later? Also checked and discovered that they have not yet billed my credit card either.
I wonder if they are always this slow, if so I will not be purchasing anything else from them online.

Anyway, on a more pleasant note. I reworked the dishcloth I posted about in my previous entry, it is now finished and looks much better. I ended up altering the pattern somewhat in order to get it to lay flat instead of being ruffled. I also completed 3 other dishcloths and several book marks. I have one slipper made that I need to create a mate for.

I still have a load of things to work on for Yule/Christmas gifts, I hope that I can get everythigtn finished in time.

I'm off now to get a cup of hot chocolate and do some crochet.

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