Thursday, December 7, 2006

Holiday Gift Crochet

I finally started on the Pentacle Shawl. It is an interesting pattern and initially I thought I was doing something as the ends of the rows were turning out uneven giving it a stair step effect. I contacted the person that wrote the pattern (a really sweet lady) and she verified that it was supposed to have the stair step effect. Ok, well, that's good, but I still had to rip out 3 rows as one ove end of the rows had the stair steps. Ooops! So I did mess up, but now I have it under control at least for the moment. LOL!

My next hurdle with this pattern will be the Pentacle design in the middle of the shawl. I've never done a pattern like this. It is done in filet. Looks somewhat simple, the main thing being keeping track of the number of blocks made for the pattern.

I will post a pic when I get it completed.

I also have several bookmarks, dishcloths, potholders, and hotpads to crochet. Oh, yeah and another shawl to finish. I am a little over halfway done with that one. But, I am beginning to wonder if I will get it all finished in time. Yikes!!

One of these days I will get organized and not wait until almost the last minute to do things. Yeah right, like that's gonna happen!! LOL! Well, it's a nice thought, anyway.

Happy Crocheting!!

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