Sunday, December 24, 2006


OK, I am so sick of all this holiday crap. I just want it over with and gone. The family tradition Christmas crap is today, whoopdeedoo! I am not in the mood for this, it is not possible for me to care any less about this than I do. Yes, I have an acute case of Scroogitis (sp?) this year.

And the pentacle shawl I was making I had had to rip out, not completely, but still severely last night. And I actually thought I was making progress on the thing until I held it up for a closer look and noticed that the pentacle design was wider on one side than on the other. Arrruuuuugggghhhhhh!!!! All I wanted was to make a nice gift for my friend, it shouldn't be this friggin' difficult! The stitch is super easy, but obviously I got the count off in a big way. *Sigh*
I am so frustrated with this that I don't even want to look at it right now and there's no way I can have it finished in time. (Orignally we were supposed to exchange gifts on Yule (last Thursday), but postponed it until after Christmas, but with that after all the froggin' I did on it last night, there's just no way. I will put it aside for now, pick it up again after all this holiday mess is over and work on it for my friend's birthday. That will give me more time to figure out where I went wrong, plus allow some cool-off time so I don't throw the thing down and stomp on it! LOL! Hey, I like that thought!

Anyway, now I need to come up with another present. Oh the thrill of it all. I have no idea what to get. Ugh! Ok, deep breath and keep reminding self that this stupid holiday crap will pass.

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Maryellen said...

The holidays are over less do a happy dance to celebrate. And welcome to a year of simple things. Here's to the good life.