Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Simple Thing for Yesterday and Today & Crochet Progress

I got a little sidetracked yesterday and didn't post my Simple thing . But I knew what it was. . .
Chocolate. You can't beat rich creamy luscious chocolate melting in your mouth. Definitely one of life's simple pleasures.

And for today, well it snowed today in Texas, not something that we get too often in this neck of the woods. Now I have to admit that I don't care for the cold at all, but there's just something about the ground covered in white. I love to sit and watch out the window as the snowflakes fall to the ground to create a gorgeous winter wonderland. Snow definitely makes the cold easier to take. So my simple pleasure for today is snow!

I was supposed to attend a knitting class today. I tried to call to see if it was being postponed or whar and I assume that it is postponed as nobody answered the phone at the shop. I was a little disappointed about not getting to have the class today because of the weather but on the flip side it was also ok. Now I still have it to look forward to.

On the crochet frontier I have completed all of the 12" squares that I needed to make for the January Exchanges I am participating in. Yay!
I still have an angel item to make and some 10" Snowflake squares for the rest of my January Exchanges. Things are moving along quite nicely.

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